New blog for Beauty posts~!

I’m finally getting things done here. Wanted to do a beauty blog like this for a long while since eons ago. But i was damn lazy.. Alright, let’s get back to topic!

I was window shopping around with my two uni friends at ion watsons, and i was so excited that there is 20% discount on selected items! My mind goes ‘oh yes!’ when i saw the 20% tag on makeup products. hehehe!

So i immediately went on to try this concealor.. Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealor in 02 natural.

there were only 2 shades available.. 01 light and 02 natural. 01 was way too light for me, so i got 02 instead. Headed home after that and tried the concealor on. I took out my mac select moisture cover(nw20) and this newly bought concealor.

and woo! they are actually similar in packaging. zzz whatever lah. don’t really care much about packaging.

so…. here’s the swatch! MAC definitely has a more pinkish tone in it, while maybelline has this salmon-ish tone, which is great for undereyes! I’ve always thought MAC was good enough, until i used maybelline.

Please pardon the very bad complexion… 😦 i hesitated to put this up…

this is an after-picture, w/o using powder to set the concealor (using maybelline):


And lastly, on the left is w/o any concealor on…

burh, my right eye looked like i’ve just got a punch in the eye. 😦


Coverage: 3.5/5 i have very high expectations for concealors, mainly because dark circles are my long term enemy.. so im always on the look out for the right concealor for me. it has decent, in fact, better coverage than my mac ones. and all i used was a tiny amount of it on my undereye..

Texture: Easy to blend, doesn’t leave those fingerprint marks (if u can understand what i mean) on our eyes..

Lasting power: erm.. haven’t got around to use it for the entire day. But will update when i have the chance!

anyway, is my dark circles brown or purple-ish? I can’t seem to differentiate colours…