Can’t get enough of Lip Tints!!

fwah! my gmarket items finally arrived in the mail today, after 2 weeks of waiting! The long waiting time is because its products are directly from Korea.

wee!! both are lip tints! the one in the small container is actually more like a tinted lip balm. don’t really like the formulation.. it’s very hard to get the product on, making it even harder to be applied. it’s not very spreadable too, kinda drying IMO. although it’s green in the container, but when applied on, it turns into pink! very fun yea! I was initially attracted by this fun factor too, also cos’ it’s supposed to be like a lip balm too. But sadly, the texture wasn’t something that I’m pleased with.


next was the very popular Tony Moly lip tint in cherry pink. Again, I bought this cos I couldn’t miss out on trying lip tints, especially so if it’s highly raved! Also, this was selling very cheaply on gmarket by this particular seller! so I thought ‘ MUST BUY! Don’t buy I will confirm chop regret! ‘ hehehe I couldn’t miss out on such good deals!
alright now for the review.. hmm, well… what can I say.. I’m kinda disappointed.. it’s a little hard to blend cos it’s highly pigmented. so I had to quickly spread it over my lips. its very liquidy like many other tints. it looks very red in the tube, but not to worry, when it spreads out, it turns sheer. Maybe due to my dry lips or two toned lips, the inner portion of my lip was redder than others. maybe i should try other application method to make this lip tint work. I’m quite reluctant to put this tint in the ‘useless’ bin.

not sure if anyone could notice this.. but I’m kinda disturbed by this. 😦 I’d better moisturize my lip well!

on a side note, I just started using my new Anessa sunblock which I had previously purchased them in DFS airport! I was looking forward to using it but till today, when I finally opened and used it, was regretting it. I’ll tell more the next time. ciao!


Etude House Kissful Tint Chou and nail polishes haul

I’ve been so crazy about lip tint recently… was meeting few of my friends on Tuesday, and went into Γ©tude house after having dinner. etude house is having 30% discount off all products at the bugis outlet, not sure of other outlets though. so we went in and bought quite a number of nail polishes! hehe


And on wednesday, I was at bugis with bf and I went into etude house(AGAIN), never ending! haha alright, and I finally bought these lip tints!

I’ve been wanting to buy them and try since very long ago! since there was a disc, I thought I should just spend the money! hiak hiak!
I bought them in 02 and 03. 02 is a pinkish girly kind of pink, while 03 is a strawberry pink! I bought two cos I thought of doing a combination. the 02 can be applied all over my lip to even out my two tones lip, then apply 03 to just the inner centre of my lip to give that youthful, awake feeling!
and I absolutely love them!! doesn’t dry out my lips, pigmentation is abt 8/10.. love it! but my lips have been having some allergies from before, so I couldn’t wear them so often. 😦

I don’t know what am I allergic to man, I haven’t been putting on any lip products lately as well.. might be something I ate. D: that would be very sad, cause’ I love eating!!! I also bought a lip balm which is now following me everywhere I go!


totally heart this as well! maybe because it’s fragrance and preservative free, or maybe because of it’s super hyaluronic acid and collagen content, it makes my swollen lip SO much better!!! now my lip doesn’t look so angry anymore! and cost only $6+, cheap! doesn’t have that jelly smell like what I’ve experience when I use vaseline/nivea. at least, I can kiss bf now! haha!!

hopefully my lip will heal ASAP so I can apply these lovely liptints! πŸ™‚

Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Geez! I really need to stop my cosmetics shopping for now! I was telling boyf few days ago that I won’t be buying anymore cosmetics for this period. But just two hours ago, I bought some lip tints off gmarket sg!! aish! Should never have went into that site!

But I didn’t spend much, they are cheap stuffs. Will take pictures and review when I receive them.

Just last Friday, I went out with cas and shopped at etude house. and we bought this!

it’s a very sweet pink colour. cas got the one in red, since she’s darker in skin tone. and the BA advised me to use pink since I’m fairer.

I don’t really like this kind of doe footed applicator. I can’t see how much product has been left too. Overall I would say the packaging can be further improved..

As for the product itself, it’s of a creamy consistency.

and when spreads,

I need to apply about two times so that the colour would show up on my lip.
I can’t use tissue and rub vigorously after eating with this, cos the colour will fade off. which is a boo for me. I’ve used another lip tint which my sis got it for me in Thailand last time. but it got really too drying for me so I’ve stopped using it. this is the one!

for this, other than it being drying, I absolutely love the colour of it, if I were to compare this with the etude house’s. Guess I just personally prefers red tint? it makes me look more awake leh.

hehe. okay. so that’s all! shall go and read up my audit notes already. D:

something random

today, boyf drove me from his house to northpoint so that I could meet my girlfriends. I’m actually very touched that he initiated to send me. he said he wanted to spend more time with me… made me feel so touched! I mean, he is quite a woodblock.. so I’m really touched when he said these kind of mushy words at times. makes my heart melt! πŸ˜€ at the same time I’m guilty for not being able to accompany him today. luckily he understands that my friends need me too..

sometimes ignorance is a bliss. I’m glad I’m not that kind of smart girl, who is able to play mind game and thinks alot. my thinking is very simple. alright. this is just a super random post.

Essence of beauty Brush set

I’ve just received my Essence of Beauty Brush set from Cleo who sold it at sg_beauty. It’s something that i’ve been wanting to get, but didnt have the chance, or sometimes i was just lazy to join spree in getting it. So, i was thrilled when i saw someone selling it brand new at $20. I’m not sure if it’s considered cheap, but $20 for 3 dual ended brushes, it’s worth it!

Lousy quality picture. πŸ˜›

Have yet to get the chance to use it. But i feel that im not impressed with the powder brush bristles. I mean, they were just slightly scratchier than the other 5 of them. All of them are of amazing textures! Especially the foundation and concealor brush.

Also, other than these brushes, i’ve got some other loots as well!

Hehehehehe! Boyf is gonna KILL me when he sees these. I told him i need to save money though………………………

First up!

Narcissus Total Defense Fundamental Serum:
I simply LOVE this product so much! I apply this for my night time skincare regime. It’s of a very light texture that gets absorbed pretty fast. I followed up with hada labo lotion and my moisturizer. But i do noticed there were 1-2 pimples popping out, guessed it’s purging, i’ll let my skin get used to it then! But i really love this. It made my face just so smooth! ❀

Will definitely repurchase this again! Meanwhile, i’m also having thoughts of buying other Naruko’s skincare product. hehe!

Next is this: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Sand Medium 0-1

i’ve read so much reviews about this product for it’s oil controlling factor. So i thought, I MUST GET THIS! I have normal-combination skin. Oily on the T-zone area. Right now, im using this on top of my Etude house Precious Mineral BB cream. Well… I wouldn’t say this product is fantastic. It doesn’t control the oil that much. I applied makeup around 6.45am and headed to school, by 10am i noticed there’s oil on my nose already! πŸ˜₯ Super sad that it’s not as great as what others had experienced! Maybe i shall give it a few more chances la.. I really hope this works for me.

Oh and Lastly, it’s the hair straightener, i did not take picture of it though. It’s good. Cheap, $10.80 incl postage. Bought it off from gmarket sg. It gets heated up VERY fast, but i dont really use it cos….Β  i want a heat protectant spray. I’m eyeing on the TRESemme’s. I join the drugstore spree and found that IT CANT BE SHIPPED!!! D: Even more sad!!! Sigh……

Whatever the case is, i’m happy with my loots! πŸ˜€