Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint

Geez! I really need to stop my cosmetics shopping for now! I was telling boyf few days ago that I won’t be buying anymore cosmetics for this period. But just two hours ago, I bought some lip tints off gmarket sg!! aish! Should never have went into that site!

But I didn’t spend much, they are cheap stuffs. Will take pictures and review when I receive them.

Just last Friday, I went out with cas and shopped at etude house. and we bought this!

it’s a very sweet pink colour. cas got the one in red, since she’s darker in skin tone. and the BA advised me to use pink since I’m fairer.

I don’t really like this kind of doe footed applicator. I can’t see how much product has been left too. Overall I would say the packaging can be further improved..

As for the product itself, it’s of a creamy consistency.

and when spreads,

I need to apply about two times so that the colour would show up on my lip.
I can’t use tissue and rub vigorously after eating with this, cos the colour will fade off. which is a boo for me. I’ve used another lip tint which my sis got it for me in Thailand last time. but it got really too drying for me so I’ve stopped using it. this is the one!

for this, other than it being drying, I absolutely love the colour of it, if I were to compare this with the etude house’s. Guess I just personally prefers red tint? it makes me look more awake leh.

hehe. okay. so that’s all! shall go and read up my audit notes already. D:


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