Etude House Kissful Tint Chou and nail polishes haul

I’ve been so crazy about lip tint recently… was meeting few of my friends on Tuesday, and went into étude house after having dinner. etude house is having 30% discount off all products at the bugis outlet, not sure of other outlets though. so we went in and bought quite a number of nail polishes! hehe


And on wednesday, I was at bugis with bf and I went into etude house(AGAIN), never ending! haha alright, and I finally bought these lip tints!

I’ve been wanting to buy them and try since very long ago! since there was a disc, I thought I should just spend the money! hiak hiak!
I bought them in 02 and 03. 02 is a pinkish girly kind of pink, while 03 is a strawberry pink! I bought two cos I thought of doing a combination. the 02 can be applied all over my lip to even out my two tones lip, then apply 03 to just the inner centre of my lip to give that youthful, awake feeling!
and I absolutely love them!! doesn’t dry out my lips, pigmentation is abt 8/10.. love it! but my lips have been having some allergies from before, so I couldn’t wear them so often. 😦

I don’t know what am I allergic to man, I haven’t been putting on any lip products lately as well.. might be something I ate. D: that would be very sad, cause’ I love eating!!! I also bought a lip balm which is now following me everywhere I go!


totally heart this as well! maybe because it’s fragrance and preservative free, or maybe because of it’s super hyaluronic acid and collagen content, it makes my swollen lip SO much better!!! now my lip doesn’t look so angry anymore! and cost only $6+, cheap! doesn’t have that jelly smell like what I’ve experience when I use vaseline/nivea. at least, I can kiss bf now! haha!!

hopefully my lip will heal ASAP so I can apply these lovely liptints! 🙂


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