Can’t get enough of Lip Tints!!

fwah! my gmarket items finally arrived in the mail today, after 2 weeks of waiting! The long waiting time is because its products are directly from Korea.

wee!! both are lip tints! the one in the small container is actually more like a tinted lip balm. don’t really like the formulation.. it’s very hard to get the product on, making it even harder to be applied. it’s not very spreadable too, kinda drying IMO. although it’s green in the container, but when applied on, it turns into pink! very fun yea! I was initially attracted by this fun factor too, also cos’ it’s supposed to be like a lip balm too. But sadly, the texture wasn’t something that I’m pleased with.


next was the very popular Tony Moly lip tint in cherry pink. Again, I bought this cos I couldn’t miss out on trying lip tints, especially so if it’s highly raved! Also, this was selling very cheaply on gmarket by this particular seller! so I thought ‘ MUST BUY! Don’t buy I will confirm chop regret! ‘ hehehe I couldn’t miss out on such good deals!
alright now for the review.. hmm, well… what can I say.. I’m kinda disappointed.. it’s a little hard to blend cos it’s highly pigmented. so I had to quickly spread it over my lips. its very liquidy like many other tints. it looks very red in the tube, but not to worry, when it spreads out, it turns sheer. Maybe due to my dry lips or two toned lips, the inner portion of my lip was redder than others. maybe i should try other application method to make this lip tint work. I’m quite reluctant to put this tint in the ‘useless’ bin.

not sure if anyone could notice this.. but I’m kinda disturbed by this. 😦 I’d better moisturize my lip well!

on a side note, I just started using my new Anessa sunblock which I had previously purchased them in DFS airport! I was looking forward to using it but till today, when I finally opened and used it, was regretting it. I’ll tell more the next time. ciao!


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