Watsons Sale!!

Just few days ago, I received an SMS from Watsons about their sale. So, i was mad excited cos i was hoping AMPM/Naruko product would be on sale. I’ve just bought this AMPM serum and i’m totally loving it!! I will talk about that later.

Spent quite a bit of money during the sale, didnt want to spend more than $50 cos i’m very poor these few months. But ahh, i guess being poor doesnt stop me from buying more product man. D:

Alright, let’s start.

AMPM Super Triple HA Serum

Quoted from http://www.naruko.sg

What are the benefits?

ampm Super Triple HA Serum is rich in highly pure and highly concentrated high potency hyaluronic acid of big molecule. It is excellent in capturing moisture. It helps the skin to replenish water layer by layer from within, enhancing the skin’s moisture level. It has the following effects:

  • It provides long-lasting hydration and highly effective moisturization; –yes
  • It relieves dry and rough skin, leaving it smooth to the touch again; – yes to smooth skin, as i don’t have dry skin
  • It maintains normal moisture balance of the skin; – yes
  • It smooths fine lines and reduces the appearance of wrinkles; -i dont use it for fine lines under my eye though. so cant really test for this point
  • It keeps the skin elastic and supple; -definitely yesyesyes! 10/10
  • It refines enlarged pores and prevents aging; – yesyesyes too!! 10/10
  • It improves the defending barrier of the skin, and – i don’t know how this works though :S
  • It enhances the absorption of the skincare products that follow. -yes

I’m absolutely loving this serum!!

I’m rating this product 9/10! Can you see how much i love this??? I applied this on alternate days, after shower. Don’t really use it during day time cos’ i wanted to save on the product. it’s such a small tube for its price. hahaha! It’s of a very light texture, and the moment i applied it on, i can instantly feel my face is firmer and lifted.

I don’t know if it’s my hallucination or what, the next day when i was about to wash my face in the morning, i dont see my 法令文 AT ALL. It’s this line formed between my mouth and nose when i smile, like how it often happens to older people 😦 im quite upset about this sagging line cos im only 23!! gosh. I dont want to end up looking like 30. But now, with this product i totally don’t see that line in the morning! Im gonna keep this as my HOLY GRAIL! yes ah! My sis love this product too(we bought these together She also experienced this ‘botox’ effect instantly. It cost about $44+ in Watsons. But i managed to buy this 30% off!
so, will I buy this again? HELL YES! ❤


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