Lip Allergy (EOS lip balm)

Few days ago, i decided to put on some lip balm before heading to bed.  I don’t usually have this habit as i don’t like having my hair sticking onto my lips the next morning. That kind of greasy feel.. eww. now, i regret it so much.

I picked up my favourite EOS lip balm and headed to bed immediately. The next day, i woke up with swollen and red lips, burning and itching! I was like ‘oh god, allergy again!!?’. I had an allergy reaction on my lips 3 months ago but i didn’t know what caused it. I thought it could be the food that i ate, or the lip products that i’ve used. Now, im pretty certain it’s due to the eos lip balm. And the next moment, the eos lip balm is in my bin, without any hesitation. I really hate how my lips looked and feel now. It’s super dry and flaky, with tiny bumps, red and burning. I ate durian and it burnt me more. -.- But i still carried on eating it hehehe!

I told my friend about it and she saw some others had reactions to this eos lip balm too. So, im not alone. I’m thinking i might be allergic to beewax, cos i tried burt’s bees lip balm before and felt that it dried out my lips too… hmm..

But thank goodness, it’s healing now. But it still dries my lips and i can feel the tightness surrounding it, i feel so much older now. 😦

i want to be able to put on my favourite lip tints soon!!



  1. Tiffany · January 12, 2012

    i don’t have a problem with EOS lip balms but i’m not a fan of them either. Why don’t you just stick to the good old Vaseline. They only contain petroleum jelly and it doesn’t dry out your lips

    • abandonapple · January 13, 2012

      Hi Tiffany! I’m currently switching between Vaseline and another lip balm~ and Vaseline did help alot! thanks dear! 🙂

      • micky · September 2, 2013

        I have the same problem and I used vaseline and it made it worse so what else could I use?

    • Cindy · January 16, 2016

      Vaseline is petroleum jelly and if you stop using it, you will see your lips will dry out. Most lip balms contain petroleum jelly because you will have to buy more and more lip balm, which means more money for the company.

      The secret is to find a lip balm that doean’t contain that ingredient. She was obviously allergic to another ingredients.

  2. Lauren · April 4, 2012

    My lips did kinda what yours did. They were fine for awhile and then about 2 months after using EOS at least once or twice a day my lips became insanely cracked and dry. They flaked like they made too much skin on the lips. Nothing made it better than OLAY facial moisturizer. I put it all over my face and then also directly on my lips at night and in the morning. That healed it right up & no more lip balm or dry lips!

  3. Kelly · July 22, 2012

    Holy crap, I thought I was the only one. I started using it for the first time about 8 months ago, and it was fine the first few months or so, but then just one day I woke up with a swollen feeling in my lips. And it kinda went away throughout the day, so I figured it was a one time thing. Not knowing it was the EOS lip balm causing it, I applied more. Then later I got these tiny bumps on the outer part of my lips, and it started becoming super dry and burning. I thought it was from something I ate that burned my lips because I had eaten spicy food for dinner a couple nights in a row. Oh boy did it suck going to school. I kinda had to let it become dry and flake off on it own so it could get to the “new” lips. And then it healed and by then I had run out of the eos lip balm and just haven’t bought it again, until recently I bought the same kind as the last, I applied it on then the next day it felt a bit swollen. I was like, “Okay, NOT AGAIN!” I stopped using it, and today, it feels a little dry and burning, with small bumps. So now, I know I’m allergic to it.

    • Meeka · March 6, 2016

      The same happen to me!! I am not alone. I thought it was my MAC lipstick and lip liner… Wrong! I have the exact same symptoms after using it for almost s year… All of sudden the rash on my lips.. Tingling, burning, itching, drying, and cracked up lips! Ugh!!! 😒🤔 Wow!

  4. cuteasgirl · July 31, 2012

    I had the same exact thing happen to me!

    • bonnie meagher · January 14, 2016

      I had the same reaction. It took almost a month and it still breaks out when I dont keep them moist. I got a prescription
      from the Dr. who thought it may be related to cold sores. The area above my lips is wrinkled more than ever and makes me appear older.

  5. Nath · August 23, 2012

    I am so happy to see all your comments!!! I had the exact same thing. I used the pale green EOS lip balm for a few months and everything was fine. but then one day, my lips started to feel swollen, burning and itching. Didn’t know it was the lip balm…so I’ve put some more and more!!!!! It REALLY got bad! than I started to apply vaseline (I was desperate at that point) and it got better. Yesterday, I’ve applied again EOS not knowing it was that and the reaction came back when I woke up this morning… now I know it’s the EOS lip balm…

  6. Diane · September 19, 2012

    I had the exact same reaction! Which is a shame because I used it for almost 2 months (three different flavors) with no problem, then one morning I woke up with the reddest, most swollen lips (and the area around my lips all the way up to my nose).. It was so bad, and I thought it was dehydration, so I kept applying EOS and drinking water until I finally got so frustrated (and ran out of EOS) that I decided to try something else.. after much researching it seemed Nivea white petroleum was the best choice, and it was (very neutral PH and unlike the old school jelly it doesn’t clog pores)! After two weeks my lips were back to normal at which point I STILL did not attribute the rash to EOS. I have never had sensitive skin – I use Burts, Aveeno, Roc, SPF, you name it and never had any issues. But I stuck with what worked.. until I saw the Alice in Wonderland limited edition EOS (come on – sugared vanilla, blueberry muffins, watermelon – how could I resist?) After a day and a half of use I started to feel my lips swelling and tightening, this time I knew, that was it! For two months I had applied more and more of the product that was causing me all of the embarrassing and painful trouble, but most importantly I finally figured it out! Well, sort of, my boyfriend uses EOS with no problem, which begs the question: what is in that balm???

    • Ant · April 25, 2013

      same thing happend to me. my gf has no problem with it. I used her red eos balm and later on that night these white bumps came up out of nowhere. i was freaked out so i began searching. I also used burt bee’s lotion on my face and applied it on my lips cause i just got out of the shower and it was all i had. this Sh!t sucks!

  7. viv · September 26, 2012

    Yep, I’ve been using it for a couple of months and thought the chapping was winter coming on. But the little burning cracks in the corner of my mouth say EOS, dammit! An it worked so well for so long too. Hmmm…

  8. TerraBrie · December 28, 2012

    I am in the middle of still dealing with this reaction. I stopped using it 2 days ago but still am experiencing a horrible reaction. Itching, burning, peeling, tiny bumps…it hurts and is so itchy too. Help! How long is this going to last?

  9. Terra Brie Stewart · December 29, 2012

    I am currently experiencing the above described reaction to the lip balm as well. I am in the process of doing some investigation into this product and would like to have more specific details about your symptoms and their duration. How long did the swelling last? I have not used it a few days now and my symptoms are still very prevalent. I am beginning to think there may be a more serious root to this beyond a simple allergic reaction.

  10. Danielle · January 16, 2013

    I am having a reaction to the red/pink flavored eos lip balm too! Just a few months ago, my sister bought the lip balm, and had a allergic reaction to it. but she’s allergic to everything! lol then i bought some. i really liked the texture and application but noticed my lips kept getting dry. I didn’t equate the dryness with my use of the lip balm, so i ended up using it even more to combat for my dry lips! and as a result, my lips became really red and swollen. and one day my lips were covered in teny tiny puss bumps. ugh! that’s when i realized i was allergic to the lip balm. ;-( money well wasted!

    • Lori · January 18, 2013

      I had the same experience. I was applying EOS several times a day not even realizing that was making my lips drier and drier. Live and learn! I use Vaseline now, haha, afraid to use anything with Beeswax!

  11. Jessica · January 16, 2013

    I had this happen to me a few weeks after I first purchased eos. One morning I woke up and my lips were really red, peeling and hand tiny bumps around the outside of my lips. They hurt, were super sensitive and eating spicy food was awful! I thought it was because I slept with a fan on my face all night and it dried them out A LOT. I ended up purchasing lanolin (which is actually for nursing mothers who have sore nipples, so that’s not embarrassing at all) and that helped soothe and heal my lips. I sporadically used my eos here and there (I have millions of lip balms) and when my favorite Blistex Herbal Answer ran out, I grabbed my eos ball and used it all that day and when I woke up the next day my lips were back to this painful, gross state. At first I thought it was because of how dry it is in my house, but then I made the connection to eos and threw it out immediately.

  12. Jess · January 18, 2013

    Thank you all for posting this!!!! I have been dealing with red, swollen lips with blister like bumps and chapping and peeling even on my skin around my lips! The doctor told me it was a bacterial infection, but the medicine did nothing, so then I freaked out thinking it was a STD. I went back to the doctor who assured me it wasn’t. I had tried every chapstick on the market to help. Finally, my lips were better after a month. I was so excited I could use the EOS mint egg I bought since they seemed better. Lathered it on and in the morning my lips looked like a lip injection gone terribly wrong! I thought maybe it was the egg and I googled EOS allergies and found this feed and some others! I can’t believe I’m allergic to my favorite chapstick! Vaseline forever from now on! Thank you again for sharing your experiences because maybe I wouldn’t have figured it out!

  13. Lori · January 18, 2013

    Yep, same exact thing happened to me using EOS Lip Balm. At first I thought I had sunburned my lips so I kept applying it numerous times a day. I had a small dry patch just outside the lip area on the corner of my mouth. Again, just thought it was something like chapped lips. I was using Chapstick and EOS. Then one morning after using EOS at bedtime I woke with swollen lips. I couldn’t believe it. Stupid me didn’t realize it was the EOS so I kept using that and other lip balms to help. They got more chapped, were very tight and itchy until I finally woke again with swollen lips after using EOS at bedtime. Went to the doctor and she said stop using all lip balms and use only Vaseline. Been using that ever since and have had no more problems with swollen, chapped lips. This all happened Spring 2012 and took about 2-3 months before it was completed healed. Could have been the beeswax but I never had an allergy test so I just stay away from anything with that ingredient.

  14. Melissa · February 2, 2013

    Wow so glad I was able to put two and two together. I had an awful problem with chapped lips right after buying my EOS in the darker pink egg and thought like some of you others that I had a bacteria or fungi infection. When various medications didn’t work I was really concerned but after using vasoline and cleaning my lips often with dial it went away. Well last night I was desperate for some chapstick since the temperature dropped about 20 degrees in one day. I went in my bathroom and found the new EOS chapstick I used month before. I woke up in the middle of the night last night with itchy, swollen, tight and very rashy looking lips. Needless to say I look like a clown, but EOS is in the trash can. Hopefully it doesn’t take months to heal up again. This is the strangest and most annoying situation. However, I do find peace in the fact that I am not alone.

  15. Rachel · February 13, 2013

    I’m glad to see there are others like me. I’ve never had an allergy to face or lip products that I can remember. I got my cute little eos egg and steadily but surely my lips kept getting more chapped with flaking skin and cracked corners and I just kept increasing the diameter of my lip balm application. I looked like I had some sort of rare lip fungus so I got some medicated lip balm and a night time balm. My lips were getting better and I was thrilled I wouldn’t need to seek medical help. Then i was out and about and forgot my lip balm and my daughter had her eos I used it and immediately they were irritated and the next day swollen and itchy! Aha! Now I know.

  16. Batik (@batikdragonfly) · February 17, 2013

    I had the same reaction after just two weeks of using it. It’s the ingredient linalool, which causes a eczema-like reaction.

  17. Chapped and unhappy · March 10, 2013

    Oh my word !!! WOW. My pre-teen daughter had begged me for every flavor of EOS. Her lips have been awful looking , really chapped, so I advised that she liberally apply all the “lip balms” I had bought her. Her lips have gotten progressively worse to the point where they look infected, swollen, oozing and incredibly chapped, peeling . It finally dawned on me it HAD to be an allergic reaction, and yes here all of you are stating the same. Into the trash goes every EOS she owns, plus the Baby Lips I bought her too, same reactions. This looks like it will take weeks to heal. Vaseline from here on out for her. Not only does it look awful but she said it is painful to even eat ! I hope this will help other girls avoid the same troubles. Stay away from products that list more than a few basic ingredients.

  18. Michelle · March 22, 2013

    The same thing happened to me. I was on my second thing of Eos mint (green one) and randomly one night my lights began cracking and were extremely dry around the edges. I continued to use it for a while then stopped all products and only used Chapstick Medicated for two weeks and it finally cleared up. Just the other night I kissed my boyfriend goodnight and when I got home I felt my lips starting to swell and crack again…only to find out he had applied Eos lip balm so apparently I’m extremely allergic. Also, I, without thinking, used Burt’s Bee’s one day and began having the same reaction. So I stay away from any beeswaxy/minty balms from now on. 😦

  19. laura · March 23, 2013

    I started using EOS lip balm about a month ago. About two weeks into using the pink one, I started developing red patches on the corner of my lips that were flaky. I thought it was due to using my space heater in my room for long periods of time, therefore drying out my lips. However, since then the “rash” has spread and gotten worse. My entire upper lip is now swollen and red with little bumps. It burns and itches periodically. It recently moved up to under one side of my nose as well. I started using vaseline now instead of EOS, and I have already started to notice a difference. Hopefully this will make this annoying rash go away!

  20. Donna · June 21, 2013

    I know this looks like everyone else’s comments but I thought I was the ONLY person who had the same issues. All my friends and family “love” the EOS lip balm (which I think is absolutely overrated and over priced). Back in December 2012ish…I remember it being winter time, I noticed my lips being super dry and eventually that lead to my lips having bumps and peeling. At one point I thought STD…but that’s impossible, so I assumed eczema. I googled if that’s even possible, and yes people can have eczema on their lips too. I started to panic a bit. Eventually I stopped using the EOS because it really just made my lips drier and drier. Then eventually my bumps and rashes one lips went away…

    Just a couple days ago, I started using it again…and yesterday I felt like my lips were on fire. It was itchy…and it just too familiar to what I experienced before. So I came to a verdict that I’m allergic to whatever’s that’s in it and I’ll never purchase another EOS product again. I still think it’s overrated and I swear most of the girls and women I know who have it, just like the thought of having it because of the cute packaging and because they just have it… I really hope this rash goes away because its so annoying… I’ve been applying Carmex lip balm (it’s gold ladies…never went back to any other drugstore products). Fresh from Sephora is also good!

  21. Adrienne · October 18, 2013

    Same issue here. I have been using EOS for a few months without any issues. Suddenly I woke up one morning with very swollen painful, burning lips (think Botox gone really wrong).
    I went out and purchased a bunch of different lip balms and Carmex was the only one that ended up working.
    I went through 4 rounds of this always going back to my EOS bc I didn’t put it all together. I realized this time that it only happens after I go back to the EOS. I figured it couldn’t be that. I thought they were all natural. But dr google brought me here. I’m glad I’m not the only one.
    No more EOS for me.

  22. Adsanti · October 30, 2013

    OMG!!! The exact same thing happened to my lips. I started using the sorbet one and 1-2 months later my lips got swollen and itchy all around the line of my lips. I stopped using it and switched to Vaseline, and my lips got better. Just recently I used the lip balm again before bed and I woke up with swollen, bumpy and itchy lips. No more EOS for me 😦

  23. sarah · December 3, 2013

    I just left a cvs minute clinic feeling like a freak because I have a fungal infection- caused by excessive saliva (gross). I am a lip balm addict and never lick my lips, but I love those eos balms. I think the saliva gets trapped on tree product and gets nasty… then gets applied to my lips. Needless to say, they are all in the trash! I’ve never had an allergic reaction to a beauty product before- this is horrifying!

  24. Niki · December 21, 2013

    Just to join the bandwagon,

    i found eos on sale at Target one day a few months ago, so I bought several. I was 1/3 through my first one when I noticed slight burning, and the skin on my lips started darkening. I immediately discontinued use and gave my friend two of the three unopened ones I had left. fast forward to day before yesterday, i found the remaining unopened eos and decided to give it another try. A day and a half later, the burning is back. I’m done with these things. I am clearly allergic to something in them.

  25. KRana · May 1, 2014

    Use BLISTEX… that’s all I used all weekend and nothing else. Kept it moisturized with it worked miracles fo r my lips!!! Having said that, not using EOS again. I didn’t like it much to begin with but I lost my simple chapstick and used it one night. Woke up to bumpy, flaky dry lips that feels burnt.

  26. Julia · July 7, 2014

    omg i really love the eos lip bomb so much but i cant use it cuz i have rdd bumps if i use it i though is was the only on too!

  27. ninz · August 12, 2014

    the same happen to me 😦 i dont know what causes my allergic reaction in my lips 😦 i have no allergies and now i dont know and i blame the weather 😦 and now i am treating it vaseline for now 😦

  28. Logan · September 20, 2014

    Wow, so I’ve been using eos eggs since last year and it’s never bothered me until three or four weeks ago… At first I thought it was the Fresh Sugar brand I tried (which could have started it). My lips immediatey broke out and started swelling, I’ve had dry, cracked, bumpy, sore lips for almost a month! I went home and sanitized every lip product I owned with alcohol and figured maybe my eos eggs that I used frequently had gotten the Sugar product on them. I thought that my lips broke ou again when I thought they healed because they were still sensitive from the process, but it seems like everyone else’s cleared up faster. I work at ulta so I’ve been bad and broke down to try new products on my lips for events and things which probably prolonged the healing process. I have been using only aquaphor and Vaseline and neosporn on my lips for the last two weeks until last night (when I though my lips had finally healed) I used the orange medicated eos egg thinking it would help… I woke up this morning with a tight feeling on my lips and they are all gross and leaky again 😦 so gross. I guess I really might be allergic which sucks because I have about seven eggs, three of which are new T_T

  29. Maria · October 19, 2014

    Now I remember why I hate EOS ! I bought it a long time ago and go the same reaction! Dry, burning, tight-feeling with micro tiny little lip colored bumps! Ugh. Started using Carmen which I love . Then a year later, I bought EOS, felt great! Totally forgot that I hated it and the affects it gave. Kinda like a ex BF lmao. Then here I am , 3 months later with dry lips, ( even after I apply Chapstick) tiny bumps and itchy feeling!!!!! I’m so upset! No longer using this. My lips feel horrible and rough! My lips never felt like this . Sand paper like. Glad I came across this post. Carmex and like I read , I will try vasline too. EOS SUCKS !

  30. angel · October 29, 2014

    It definantly sounds like you may have had mold somewhere within your lips gloss.

  31. kboone · January 5, 2015

    My daughter also had swollen lips and blister using the orange Eos. Not a good thing she has very serious allergies. Was very scary.

  32. · January 28, 2015

    OMG ..GUYS please help … I really need ,my lips now are suffering form itching,burning,crack lips and some clear water comes out. Im so much desperate its been so long when i had a allergic reaction from lips stick that i use i already try all lip balm that can help me..My friend says i’m dehydrated and i try to drink lots of lots of water ..
    But still nothing change.. GUYS helP me what is the best things to do ?

  33. Chantell · July 29, 2015

    This morning I wake up for the second time and I have a allergic reaction to the eos I’m so disappointed… Its red and itchy bumpy and has a discharged…. I put it on last night and wala burning itchy redness and bumpy and dryness……. Now I have to take allergy medication and put some benadryl cream on my lips….😩😩😩😩😤😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡😡

  34. Shirley r · January 14, 2016

    I suffered tremendous not knowing it could be this but after a year if no use I still have dry patches and red. Yes I had swollen lips. But since I was under stress I couldn’t figure it out. But now I have plenty if people with the same issues. This sux and eco got rich.

  35. bonnie meagher · January 14, 2016

    I had the same reaction as the comments above. It’s been almost a month and my lips still get dried and flakey and red above and in the corners when I wake up in the morning.. Vaseline does help. My Dr. gave me a prescription for what she thought was related to cold sores. Did not help. I think they should take this product off the market.

  36. Vee Leary · January 23, 2016

    I have not had any issues with any flavor of eos lip balms. I have had testing done and was told I have a allergy to 2 molds but.. I have never had any sort of problem or reaction and I have very sensitive skin.
    Is there some sort of a hysteria issue going on??? 😦

  37. Kim B · January 26, 2016

    I Am a school bus driver and after winter/Christmas break I used EOS. Now I have red bumps & burning area on left corner of mouth.I have never had any kind of sores on my mouth ever!!!! ( I used the mint one because I loved the scent.) I also have little white blisters off and on. I have used neosporin, soap & water, hydrogen peroxide, healing lip balms and just left it alone to dry. NO RESULTS!!!! Its been almost 3 weeks. It cleared up a little and now it is back and looks and feels worse. Nothing working to clear it completely. I think EOS should list some way we all could get rid of this for good. I stopped using it over 3 weeks ago! ANYONE know of what to get to rid of this painful mouth irritation? Please REPLY. Thanks!!!! ; )

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