haha showed half of my face cos the other half was not made up. stuck eyelid sticker on my right eye, but ugh, hate putting them on cos they simply don’t last!

and that’s bf’s doggy, kenji! he’s such an adorable dog!! He has it’s own temper, likes to play ard so much! But when he sees food, it’s like he found gold. hahaha!

exam is ard the corner and there’s prelim paper tmr. I just watched HK drama, OH SHIT. I’m gonna fail my prelim. 😦



Got this in my mailbox today. Finally received it, been waiting for about a week. I don’t really have much patience. 😀


this is just a smaller version(15g). I wanted to get VIP gold after watching how Kevin 老师 raved about this product on Beauty Queen. But it seems like VIP gold is suited for dry skin. I have combination skin! 😦 nvm then! at least there’s VIP gold in the samples! Lovely seller on gmarket! the seller is from Korea I guess, postage and all were written in Korean.

Lovely Sunday

I just wanted to post some random pictures up.

so this is bf with kenji. Kenji has been getting pretty whiny the past few days. His ‘gf’ was on heat, and that explains kenji’s behavior.. and bf couldn’t study well with its whining, so he had to accompany kenji to find his ‘gf’. He even carried kenji up on the window so he could see whether his gg is out or not. -.- hahaha my bf and his dog are such sweet boys! >.<


and this is me with kenji. he was trying his luck to have a sip at my soya milk LOL! cute boy!!


And today, I will be heading out to celebrate Vday with boyfriend! will be expecting some crowd since vday this yr is on a weekday. :O

my lovely and pretty niece!!


Revlon Lip Butter

Revlon Lip Butter were released a few days ago in Singapore Watsons! YAY!!
I was about to order this during a drugstore spree that I joined. But it was out of stock on the web. but hey! Now I can worry no more! hehe!



im heading to school now with the peach parfait on. should I review on these? hmm..