Holika Holika Jewel-light waterproof Eyeliner

After waiting for two weeks, my eyeliners that i bought from Gmarket.com.sg has arrived! YAY!

Received it together with some other samples. Love buying from Gmarket cos they give such generous amount of samples! Thumbs up!

I got them in 3 colors, 08 (Pink topaz, with alot of glitters!), 01 (Black, with REALLY very tiny shimmers) and 05 (Brown with tiny bits of glitters but not overpowering).

Personally i really love 08. It can be used on the inner corner of the eyes to brighten it up.

While 05 has very subtle glitters that is suitable for everyday makeup. Needless to say, 01 is even more suitable for people who just want a simple eyeliner without grabbing too much attention since it feels matte to me.

From the pic above, 01 eyeliner has got glitters in it, but when applied, it doesn’t have any. Or maybe it was so subtle that i couldn’t spot any at all.

I have yet to try it on my eyes, so i’m not too sure about it being water proof. But im pretty sure it’s smudgeproof!

Okay, the middle is 05 brown. I tried rubbing it after applying about 5 secs later, which was too early. It hasn’t set yet, thats why there were trails of the brown. so i drew another line using 01 black, and let it set for about 10-15 secs, and TADA! It did not smudge at all!! Hurray!

But, since i havent tried applying it on my eyes, i don’t know how it will react with my oily lids. tsk.

Just one more thing. I was really upset that my 08 was kinda faulty. It was so soft and after opening it for the first time, this was what i saw. Obviously the tip somehow was broken. 😦

Alright. Need to mug.


Love the lip tint

Alright. I just wanted to post the picture of my lip with the lip tint. lol

I used the etude house fresh cherry tint in 02 all over my lip, then followed by tony moly lip tint in 01 in the center. Gives off such nice and natural effect. Oh, forgot to mention i applied a lipbalm before and after. 🙂 dont really use lip gloss cos they are too shiny. I want the natural look. 😀


I’m down to the last cube of ‘Honey I washed the kids’ lush soap, so I had to go down to wisma and some new stocks. Poor bf couldn’t stand the different scents in the shop. LOL.

I’ve only tried Honey I Washed The Kids (HIWTK), and I’m madly in love with its scent! Oh-my-gosh! it has this sweet caramel fragrance and if i could, I would have swallowed this whole soap down so that its scent remains in my mouth. hahaha. kinda sick though.

this is my last chunk of the soap, need to buy more.

well, the only thing I don’t like abt this soap was that it’s too dry! I don’t know, I’ve read reviews abt how moisturizing it was for them, but when I used it, I could feel my skin was dry and tight. Maybe cos I’m not used to using soap. I have always been using shower gel instead. BUT, the scent! it was so captivating that I kept grabbing for it in the shower even though it dries my skin. It does lather up well, especially when it’s in a bigger chunk. Once it gets smaller, it gets difficult for it to lather up. But again, if u want it to lather up really well, use a loofa with this, a little goes a longggggg way.
As for the honeycomb, I find it kinda useless though. it doesn’t lather up, and feels scratchy on the skin. so, I usually just put it aside as it drops off from the soap very easily.

The scent lasted for about 2hours on my skin. Everytime I step out of the shower room, I couldn’t stop sniffing myself. Even in my room( I kept my soaps in my rm ), I would hold it up and sniff it like a drug addict. haha! That’s really crazy!

I had wanted to get a bigger size, but thought I should try out other samples first!

these were the samples given.

those 3 small samples behind. haha.

I asked for something more moisturizing, that doesn’t give me that tight skin everytime I wash off the soap. So, I was given Porridge, Figs and Leaves, and Sultana of Soap.
so looking forward to use them! ❤

ELF HD powder

finally received this elf hd powder. been longing to try it out but somehow, organizers seldom spree E.L.F stuffs. so I grabbed hold of the chance once I saw a spree on it last 2weeks!

bought the smudge brush, hd powder and mineral eyeshadow primer.
kinda prefer this mineral shadow primer to the other shadow primer. I didn’t realize the difference these initially, until I saw the word ‘mineral’. -.- how slow am I? my eyeliner and shadow seems to last longer with this mineral primer. love this!!
as for this powder, haven’t got to use it yet. Lazy to poke holes through the plastic film actually.


shall try it out some other days.