I’m down to the last cube of ‘Honey I washed the kids’ lush soap, so I had to go down to wisma and some new stocks. Poor bf couldn’t stand the different scents in the shop. LOL.

I’ve only tried Honey I Washed The Kids (HIWTK), and I’m madly in love with its scent! Oh-my-gosh! it has this sweet caramel fragrance and if i could, I would have swallowed this whole soap down so that its scent remains in my mouth. hahaha. kinda sick though.

this is my last chunk of the soap, need to buy more.

well, the only thing I don’t like abt this soap was that it’s too dry! I don’t know, I’ve read reviews abt how moisturizing it was for them, but when I used it, I could feel my skin was dry and tight. Maybe cos I’m not used to using soap. I have always been using shower gel instead. BUT, the scent! it was so captivating that I kept grabbing for it in the shower even though it dries my skin. It does lather up well, especially when it’s in a bigger chunk. Once it gets smaller, it gets difficult for it to lather up. But again, if u want it to lather up really well, use a loofa with this, a little goes a longggggg way.
As for the honeycomb, I find it kinda useless though. it doesn’t lather up, and feels scratchy on the skin. so, I usually just put it aside as it drops off from the soap very easily.

The scent lasted for about 2hours on my skin. Everytime I step out of the shower room, I couldn’t stop sniffing myself. Even in my room( I kept my soaps in my rm ), I would hold it up and sniff it like a drug addict. haha! That’s really crazy!

I had wanted to get a bigger size, but thought I should try out other samples first!

these were the samples given.

those 3 small samples behind. haha.

I asked for something more moisturizing, that doesn’t give me that tight skin everytime I wash off the soap. So, I was given Porridge, Figs and Leaves, and Sultana of Soap.
so looking forward to use them! ❤


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