It’s been so long.

Just as the title goes, it has been a year plus since I last posted. My passion for makeup is still burning, probably just not as strong as before due to work commitment. What kind of logic is that? some would say. Well, let’s just say I feel older. Mentally and physically.

I’ve always thought that I would really doll myself up when I enter into the working world. However, I never expected myself to be so tired everyday, getting into bed at 10pm+. The latest I would sleep is 11pm+. Friends and colleagues were flabbergasted to hear that. I’m only in my mid twenties! I am so disappointed in myself. I spent so much time in sleeping instead of doing productive things. But on the other hand, I feel so unproductive if I did not get enough sleep. Zzz. Frustrating, I know, I totally sound like a spoilt brat here. I hope I’m not one though.

Alright, so I took leave at work today so that I could bring my naughty girl to the vet for the yearly checkup.
All is fine. She’s in the pink of health! Vet even commented that she has got very white teeth! I’m a happy and proud mother!

So I shall end this post here. Who knows when I would update here again… Hopefully, soon.
Happy 2014!