Korean BBQ

So, 2 weeks ago was our monthsary and we decided to pamper ourselves with Korean BBQ. Since we only know a few places that serves nice kbbq, we headed for the one at Chinatown point, Han Geun Doo Geun cos we’ve been there several times.



There is a variety of food around, so no worries on not having enough. I’ve been to the korean bbq at tanjong pagar and newton, and I’ve always left these places smelling so awful! However, for HGDG, I do not have such experience, maybe the smell wasnt as strong though. After dinner, bf bought Koi for me and I’m a happy girl! yay~

On Sunday, We went to sembawang park for this pets carnival organised by the cc nearby. saw so many cute dogs and big dogs as well. Of cos, I brought my sweetest girl there to mingle too. Upon reaching the place, she started barking like nobody’s business cos she saw dogs from afar. Felt so malu and embarrassed. hahaha but I still love her as much, just wish she can be happy and make some friends.


Hehe im super proud of her because she did not bark at all once we put her in the dog run area. she was still barking when she’s outside. haha after awhile of exploring the dogs and place, my dog got tired and started sitting at the benches like a princess. haha!! the only dog happily sitting at the bench. my cutey~~ other than this, there were some pets competition, free basic grooming, free pet health check, awesome goodie bag! and only paid $2 for it. yay!
overall, we had fun on tt day!

cant wait for my next visit to the dog park again!


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