New hobby

Three weeks ago, I attended the free trial pole classes at acro polates. I’m so glad that I took up this class and I’m only into my second lesson now. It was really interesting seeing the instructor doing different tricks. It seems like I’ve got to work a lot harder in order to achieve their level, lol! I do not have any strength nor flexibility right now. And having some bruises on my thigh as well as my arms. Gosh. Got to train up on my flexibility asap!

I’ve also decided to keep this blog going to update on my pole-gress. Hehe

So I went for my second class yesterday and went for the illumi run at night. It was so much fun! First and probably will be my last illumi run haha. Experiencing a sore and blistered feet now as I wore a slipper for that 5km run. Why blister? Cos I wasn’t able to walk in the stupid thick and slimy liquid that was all over the floor. My slipper got stuck in the liquid and i had difficulties walking in it. Had to take off my slipper and walk with barefoot. After going through these short tunnels, I wore back my slipper and Tada, that’s how my blisters formed! Actually I didn’t feel the pain at that moment, it was only when I got home and bathed then I realized there are blisters.

But overall, it was a fun experience with my colleagues!!


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