My humpies and I decided to explore vietnam during one of our meetups a few months ago. We were suggesting places to go for our next overseas trip. The last trip was i think…2 years ago to phuket and we enjoyed it so much!

So we threw in different ideas and countries, I suggested vietnam since i heard great things about that place from my sister, who went last year. We all agreed and poof, returned from vietnam from 6 to 11 Mar 15.

Well… we did not explore ho chi minh actually. In fact, we booked a tour recommended by my sis to Sapa, Halong Bay and Hanoi. We spent a day in each places except for Halong Bay, which was 1.5 days there. The scenery at Sapa and Halong Bay were breathtaking! Too bad i do not have the pictures with me now, i did not really take much pics while i was there. My samsung was failing on me, its battery can drop from 50% to 19% in just 1 min. Crazy, isn’t it?!

Alright, back to the trip. We had a tour guide that brought us up to the mountains of Sapa with trekking. There were also several ethnic minority group that follow each of us throughout the climb. I was surprised they could speak English fairly well! Towards the end of the trek, some of them had to leave and was selling us their handmade pouches/bracelet etc. Of course, they accompanied us and held our hands during those difficult climbs, we had to buy something from them to thank them too. But the price was exorbitantly high. How did i know? I asked one of the shop owner selling the same items at Hanoi. We bought those items at Sapa for 10x more than at Hanoi. hahaha well, it’s okay. It’s for a good cause, and maybe i shouldn’t have asked for the price at Hanoi to make myself feel better. lol!

Halong Bay. I love the moments that we spent over there! It was very chillax and we just eat and drink, and got on smaller boat to the mountains and caves to explore. There were a lot of Caucasian tourist that i felt those caves were very commercialized. Even on our cruise, four of us were the only asian (okay, except for two other ladies who came with ang moh). The caucasians were really friendly towards each other, to the point where we felt left out cos’ no one spoke to us at all. hahaha! Until the dinner, when the ang moh lady beside our table asked if we were full cos we ate so little! I guess we are used to eating lesser and have different appetite from them? haha but it was very funny. We exchanged conversation with them, before we decided to return to our room for some slp.

The last day saw us at Hanoi, we had so little time there. It was evening by the time we reached our hotel. But the hotel was so good, it was a family suite. There was bathtub, big beds and spaces! We quickly had our dinner at one of the recommended restaurant and made our way to the streets for some shopping and of cos, the much await Bahn Mi. It tastes sooooo delicious and i love the bread, it was so crispy! Yummmmms. I wish i could have more in a better environment, cos this bread thingy messes up my hands with the sauces and meat! 😦

Finally, we departed from Hanoi the next day and back to Singapore. I had pole dance on the very night and i’m soooo glad i took leave the following day. I could sleep in and nua my whole day away. hehehe!

Really wish i could put up some pics but ugh! I’ll probably upload when i get the pics. 🙂

Wow… lengthy post I’ve got here! Tsk tsk.


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