Dreadful work day

How long have i been missing from this page?

Oh alright. It’s been quite some time i guess. Just some updates:

Work – still as dreadful. trying to get out of it.

Relationship – doing well! ❤

Pole dance – awesome as ever!

Let’s start with something happy! Pole class! I’ve finally progressed to pole level 4!! HURRAY! We did a choreography with the song “Angel” and it was an amazing experience! We’ve never danced before, let alone dancing to the tune of a song with choreography! The aftermath was of course, lots of bruises on our thigh, arms and sadly for me, i kinda pulled my back muscles. Now, i have difficulty sneezing, doing lifting etc. It sucks. Hoping that i would get better in time to come! But i’m so pleased we pulled through level 4! 😀 gleaming from ear to ear now. heh!

Moving on to R/S. Supposed to fly to Bali last weekend with the boy, but our plans were ruined due to the volcano eruption in Bali! Flights were cancelled, airports were closed. There’s no way we could fly over. Maybe it was fated, or a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, we would most likely be left stranded at the airport, along with many other tourists! We spent our anniversary at TODAI and ate our hearts out~ Sometimes i think I’m so easy to satisfy, just feed me with food and i’m alright already. haha so useless.

Work…. Well.. let’s hope that i find a better job, or as long as i could get out of this shitty place. I would be so damn happy. Really not easy with the upcoming changes. Sometimes, i really dread being a HR. We slogged day in and day out, only to slog even harder.

Ahh.. Not gonna rant anymore. Time for bed!