SIMPLE Cleansing wipes

So i went out in the morning for about an hour with make-up on. Decided to try out the Simple Cleansing wipes that i had bought earlier when the hospital just opened in July.

To my dismay, the cotton sheet was rough and dry when i opened the package to take out a sheet. I was sceptical to try it on my face as i’m pretty sure i won’t like the texture and feeling. But well, since i’ve bought and already opened it, might as well, right?

So i went on to remove my make-up with the remover sheet. All i felt was the rough texture, and so ouch! It’s dry and i had to use 2 sheets to remove the entire make-up. Oh, i only had concealor, light powder, blush, eyebrow and lip tints on. Not even a full face makeup. After removing, my face felt okay, slightly sore from the rough surface, and no weird smell or taste.

Overall verdict? I will not buy again. Although I’m not sure if the one i bought has dried up. Even if it does, its shelf-life is too short, ya? I’d rather buy from Biore the next time. At least it was soaking wet.

my 2 cents worth.


Bestie’s wedding, allergy?

YAY!! It’s finally national day in Singapore! And a day earlier, one of my gfs celebrated her wedding at Orchard hotel! We celebrated her hen’s party a week earlier and had so much fun!


Of course, we had the honour to be her bridesmaids and had fun sabo-ing the groomsmen! I love being bridesmaids. Although a lot of work have to be done in preparation for the wedding, running errands on the wedding day. Ensuring that bride remains pretty and glamorous is part of our roles! haha But well, i had fun doing all these~

Thank god that it was a lunch reception, otherwise i would have concussed already. Had only about 2 hours of sleep as i was out with the bf the night before.

I started having itches on my left stomach area last afternoon. I don’t know what’s causing it and i just kept scratching the same area. Neither did i take a look at my stomach to see what’s wrong. Until i got home and changed into my gym gear, preparing for workout. I then realised that i had those red tiny spots/bumps that appeared on my stomach (left)! It looks so scary and bumpy! So worried, but i continued to finish my workout and worried about it later. This morning woke up to even more bumps and decided to just see the doctor. Doc told me it could be shingles! Like… what?! But lucky thing is, it has no blisters, no pain. So can’t diagnose it as shingles. YAY! I was prescribed with cream and medication for it. Hope that it gets better! 🙂