SIMPLE Cleansing wipes

So i went out in the morning for about an hour with make-up on. Decided to try out the Simple Cleansing wipes that i had bought earlier when the hospital just opened in July.

To my dismay, the cotton sheet was rough and dry when i opened the package to take out a sheet. I was sceptical to try it on my face as i’m pretty sure i won’t like the texture and feeling. But well, since i’ve bought and already opened it, might as well, right?

So i went on to remove my make-up with the remover sheet. All i felt was the rough texture, and so ouch! It’s dry and i had to use 2 sheets to remove the entire make-up. Oh, i only had concealor, light powder, blush, eyebrow and lip tints on. Not even a full face makeup. After removing, my face felt okay, slightly sore from the rough surface, and no weird smell or taste.

Overall verdict? I will not buy again. Although I’m not sure if the one i bought has dried up. Even if it does, its shelf-life is too short, ya? I’d rather buy from Biore the next time. At least it was soaking wet.

my 2 cents worth.


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