Updates on my life and Pole practise

It has been almost two weeks since i left my job. The feeling was…mixed, i guess? Not that i’m hating it, just feeling insecure that i’ve yet to find a job that i like. I’ve been receiving calls for interviews these past weeks, some were good, some were ugh, lets just not talk about those. There are some companies which i would really love to be able to join them! But, knowing myself, i will fail at the interview, even though i’m a HR myself. I just can’t seem to sell myself well during interviews, it’s just…. not me.

File 11-10-15 12 00 28 am

Tada! They call this pose ‘angel’. Does it fit me? LOL This trick doesn’t hurt, but damn, what happens after this is omg freaking pain! I still have yet to master the other trick, hence will not be posting it. Shall practise more tomorrow then!