Updates on my life and Pole practise

It has been almost two weeks since i left my job. The feeling was…mixed, i guess? Not that i’m hating it, just feeling insecure that i’ve yet to find a job that i like. I’ve been receiving calls for interviews these past weeks, some were good, some were ugh, lets just not talk about those. There are some companies which i would really love to be able to join them! But, knowing myself, i will fail at the interview, even though i’m a HR myself. I just can’t seem to sell myself well during interviews, it’s just…. not me.

File 11-10-15 12 00 28 am

Tada! They call this pose ‘angel’. Does it fit me? LOL This trick doesn’t hurt, but damn, what happens after this is omg freaking pain! I still have yet to master the other trick, hence will not be posting it. Shall practise more tomorrow then!



  1. Miss Melon-Soda · October 12, 2015

    Good luck on your job hunt… In glad to hear you know what you want though, and I believe that will get you far :)!! Also very cool that you pole dance, I was thinking of signing up for a class sometime later because I hear it’s good on your core!

    • abandonapple · November 12, 2015

      thanks! Yes! pole dancing has indeed improved my stamina and core strength, bear in mind the bruises that will come with it! haha but it’s all worth it! 🙂

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