Peak period is over! I’m so glad! 

I’ve been getting really sleepy and tired eyes, which could be due to my uncorrected spectacles. haha is there such a word?? Anyway, it’s time for me to go for an eyesight test and get a new pair of spects. 

A very quick update on my life. Went to COMEX recently and purchased a Samsung Smart TV. TADA! Yay!!

 20140907_215147 20140907_215208

So glad that i made this purchase together with Bro and Sis. hehe Now, Goh mama and Papa can watch more exciting shows with us! 

Have also been very, very, absolutely lazy with putting on make up. I don’t put on makeup at all during work. I know it’s not a big thing to many. But, I do suffer from very bad dark circles and eye bags. With these problems, i often appear as being ‘tired, sleepy’ looking, which is not attractive. But the main reason for leaving the house without my face painted on is just so that I could sleep longer hours. Okay, probably just that few more minutes of sleep. hahaha but hey! it does make a difference k!

So, while bf is out in Korea during the past few weeks, I met up with some friends over the weekend and dolled myself up with makeup! Yay! 

20140727_151249 20140719_125854

Love love love this Aritaum’s Lip Tint! They give the most pigmented and lasting lip stains I’ve ever tried thus far! Prolly gonna go Qoo10 and grab more! 


Shall stop here cos’ there is work tomorrow. Boos. Night all! 


Adopted a Mini Schnauzer

Recently, I adopted a mini schnauzer from an uncle. It’s such a coincidence that he lives nearby my area.

the uncle really took care of her very very well. I’m her third owner. she has a very sweet temperament. Or we can say she’s very quiet and lazy. hahaha! but all in all, I really love her! She seems to know I’m her owner cos she follows me almost everywhere. when I went out and came back later, she would stand up at my leg to greet me. She don’t do that to my other family members!

she doesn’t bark at all. hmm. trying to make her more active. she’s kinda too inactive. haha! lazy girl!



haha showed half of my face cos the other half was not made up. stuck eyelid sticker on my right eye, but ugh, hate putting them on cos they simply don’t last!

and that’s bf’s doggy, kenji! he’s such an adorable dog!! He has it’s own temper, likes to play ard so much! But when he sees food, it’s like he found gold. hahaha!

exam is ard the corner and there’s prelim paper tmr. I just watched HK drama, OH SHIT. I’m gonna fail my prelim. 😦

Dad’s 60th birthday

Alright, today’s post has nothing to do with makeup and skincare products. I just wanted to post something unrelated and that I’m happy with at the moment.

yesterday was my lovely father’s birthday! oh yay! All of us went to SSC and had our dinner there. The food served was nice and portions were quite big, considering we have 6adults and 2 children. And then we got back home and cut cake!

So… now my father is 60.. it made me realized that he is old and should enjoy life more often instead of working so hard. My father is no rich guy, we are not a rich family but we aren’t poor either. I’m really hoping I can pass my exam and find a job, so that papa can retire and enjoy life with my mom.

papa, I love you! ❤