Proposal <3

Finally caught the show ‘Our Times’! It was so awesome! Didn’t expect myself to tear watching such movies. I don’t usually cry when I watch movies tho. Pls go watch it if u haven’t already!

I also want to document down how his proposal to me was. Although it wasn’t much, and he didn’t seem to put in much effort (pun intended), but still, I have a poor memory so I want to remember that moment.
It was a short and sweet one. So we got up Seoul tower, looked and walked around. We sat down at one corner where there weren’t much people. And I suggested to write on the lock. But he wanted to write first and then I wrote mine.

Then I wrote mine, he asked if I wanna know what he wrote. So yeah, of course right? If not, write for what? Then I said ‘duh,of course la!’. So he showed me the other side and got down on his knees infront of me. You see, he didn’t even put the question mark! Smiling and anxious, he popped the qn. Of course I didn’t agree right away, instead I push the ring away and asked, ‘why no flowers one! Not sincere at all! I can reject one right?!’.

Hahaha! All we did was laugh so hard tt time.

He said he couldn’t buy flowers cos I stick to him so much during the trip, he can’t plan surprises too. Hahaha I agreed, so I let him go. Then I asked ‘why no touching speech?? Or tell me why should I marry you’. I couldn’t remember what his answer was, kinda sad now tt I recall. See? My memory is really poor. I think it was smth along the line that he loves me and want to be with me forever kinda thing. Nothing touching. Haha so, ya I told him he owe me flowers then.


He looked so happy and promised on the flower part and quickly forcefully push the ring on my finger. -.- why my proposal like that one!!! 一点都不浪漫. Till today, I told him I shouldn’t have said yes first. Hahaha! And he made me waited for so long till the last day of the trip then propose to me. Kns, I was like waiting for it everyday leh, and he knows I was waiting. -.-

But it’s okay, although he can be a reaaaaal woodblock so many times, I guess that’s what I like about him. 😂 and he still owe me flowers! 😡

We just sent the ring for adjustment. It was too loose on me. He used his pinky finger as a gauge. In the end, we adjusted it to two size smaller. And it will be another 3-4 weeks wait~

Okay gotta remember this post so that I can reminisce back in future, haha!