Wedding Preparation – Part 1

So bf and I decided that we should get started with finding a master to calculate our wedding date since the proposal in Oct. I know. We are very slow and had been slacking. So we finally emailed one of the more popular master, but he could only meet us in March! Gosh. Can i still find my desired hotel venue if i only confirm the date in March? I highly doubt so, given that most singaporeans are very kia-su (don’t wanna lose out) and will book their venue at least a year in advance. I don’t wish to settle for an open-date package with the hotel too, just in case the date i want turns out to be unavailable for us.

Now, we’ve got to try our luck and see if master will give us the dates first while we search for venue, and meet in Mar to discuss the details. Otherwise, we would have to find another master already. Sigh. Why didnt we approach him earlier? Such mess into the start of the preparation and is already turning me off. 😦

I’m also starting to browse and research the bridal studios and wedding banquet venue. So much to research!! Headache.

I hope i will be a happy bride! On a side note, i’m starting work soon next week, after a 3 months long break! Felt so fortunate that i was given this break, when i was offered the job in Oct-Nov. YAY!