Innisfree Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense Velvet


Back here to share my thoughts on this lip crayon that i’ve been wearing very often lately.


I’ve actually bought this off Qoo10 2 months ago, but seldom wear it, even though i LOVE the color. I’ve got the color Velvet red #16 and Let’s Kiss #7. But today, i will be just talking about the Velvet Red #16 since i prefer this to #7.

Texture wise, it’s velvety and smooth. Color payoff is really awesome and lasting as well. I used Revlon’s lip crayon (matte) before but it got really drying and dry patches on my lips were super obvious. Comparing Revlon to Innisfree, the latter definitely win hands down! It doesn’t dry my lips, applies smoothly and was a breeze to use! The color #16 is like dried rose, which was a very popular color in Korea during their fall/winter season. I don’t know why when i went korea in Oct last year, i didnt buy this shade, instead i bought #7. Oh. i think i know why. Bf was waiting too long, and i felt bad so i just chose a shade that looks nice and went off. haha so sad! Ladies, next time please go korea with your girlfriends if you are a makeup junkie. LOL!

I’m abit concern about the lid of this lip balm. Usually for this kind of transparent lid, i will either push it in too hard and it cracks, or i drop it and it cracks. So if it cracks, will the product dry up? Idk. So i’ve been verrrrry careful whenever i close the lid.


How it looks when applied.
Erm, i blurred the corners of my lips, got tiny hairs down there so pls don’t mind ya. haha :>
I really love this shade so much! You can see, theres no dry patches, it felt like a lip balm instead of tint. Although this color made me looks abit mature, but i dont mind. All for beauty!! I also had to over-line my lip alittle cos erm, my lips are quite small. Otherwise, i will look even older!

Managed to find one full face pic with the lippies on!

Not sure if it’s obvious, but i’m definitely a matte lip person. But sad leh, my office ppl don’t really apply lipstick etc. Then i’m like the only one or few. Somemore i like bright colors! Then all my bright colored lippies are left in the drawer, dont know when can i start to use them. 😦 Collecting dust!

Ok, i’m done with sharing. sorry if it’s very simple. But it’s sharing,not review ya? 😀


Revlon Lip Butter

Revlon Lip Butter were released a few days ago in Singapore Watsons! YAY!!
I was about to order this during a drugstore spree that I joined. But it was out of stock on the web. but hey! Now I can worry no more! hehe!



im heading to school now with the peach parfait on. should I review on these? hmm..

Lip Allergy (EOS lip balm)

Few days ago, i decided to put on some lip balm before heading to bed.  I don’t usually have this habit as i don’t like having my hair sticking onto my lips the next morning. That kind of greasy feel.. eww. now, i regret it so much.

I picked up my favourite EOS lip balm and headed to bed immediately. The next day, i woke up with swollen and red lips, burning and itching! I was like ‘oh god, allergy again!!?’. I had an allergy reaction on my lips 3 months ago but i didn’t know what caused it. I thought it could be the food that i ate, or the lip products that i’ve used. Now, im pretty certain it’s due to the eos lip balm. And the next moment, the eos lip balm is in my bin, without any hesitation. I really hate how my lips looked and feel now. It’s super dry and flaky, with tiny bumps, red and burning. I ate durian and it burnt me more. -.- But i still carried on eating it hehehe!

I told my friend about it and she saw some others had reactions to this eos lip balm too. So, im not alone. I’m thinking i might be allergic to beewax, cos i tried burt’s bees lip balm before and felt that it dried out my lips too… hmm..

But thank goodness, it’s healing now. But it still dries my lips and i can feel the tightness surrounding it, i feel so much older now. 😦

i want to be able to put on my favourite lip tints soon!!

Can’t get enough of Lip Tints!!

fwah! my gmarket items finally arrived in the mail today, after 2 weeks of waiting! The long waiting time is because its products are directly from Korea.

wee!! both are lip tints! the one in the small container is actually more like a tinted lip balm. don’t really like the formulation.. it’s very hard to get the product on, making it even harder to be applied. it’s not very spreadable too, kinda drying IMO. although it’s green in the container, but when applied on, it turns into pink! very fun yea! I was initially attracted by this fun factor too, also cos’ it’s supposed to be like a lip balm too. But sadly, the texture wasn’t something that I’m pleased with.


next was the very popular Tony Moly lip tint in cherry pink. Again, I bought this cos I couldn’t miss out on trying lip tints, especially so if it’s highly raved! Also, this was selling very cheaply on gmarket by this particular seller! so I thought ‘ MUST BUY! Don’t buy I will confirm chop regret! ‘ hehehe I couldn’t miss out on such good deals!
alright now for the review.. hmm, well… what can I say.. I’m kinda disappointed.. it’s a little hard to blend cos it’s highly pigmented. so I had to quickly spread it over my lips. its very liquidy like many other tints. it looks very red in the tube, but not to worry, when it spreads out, it turns sheer. Maybe due to my dry lips or two toned lips, the inner portion of my lip was redder than others. maybe i should try other application method to make this lip tint work. I’m quite reluctant to put this tint in the ‘useless’ bin.

not sure if anyone could notice this.. but I’m kinda disturbed by this. 😦 I’d better moisturize my lip well!

on a side note, I just started using my new Anessa sunblock which I had previously purchased them in DFS airport! I was looking forward to using it but till today, when I finally opened and used it, was regretting it. I’ll tell more the next time. ciao!