Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner

I was bored of my usual eyeliners, so i bought a new liner!

Well, on first use, i love this eyeliner! I can draw very thin line using this liquid eyeliner. Some liquid eyeliners can’t really draw thin lines as well as this.(yes loreal, talking abt you, :D)

It’s a synthetic brush tip, that explains the easy drawing. I don’t fancy felt tips brush.

Pigmentation is …. not that great. But passable. See how we can draw thick and thin lines easily?

The best thing?

It doesnt smuge on me at all !! yay! i have oily eyelids, so it’s kind of hard to find the ‘perfect’ eyeliner that doesnt give me panda eyes. Furthermore, i already have very horrible dark circles. So, i need a really long wearing, smudge proof eyeliner! And i’ve found it. well, im still not that glad YET. Simply because of the pigmentation. I felt like i have to draw over and over (2-3 times) to get the nice black eyeliner look. If the pigmentation could be better, i would be SOOO glad! Till then, this will just be like any other eyeliners that i have. Perhaps i can count on this eyeliner more than the others when i have important events/occasion to attend to.

would i repurchase: probably not.