Aqua Label White Protect Milk UV SPF 30 PA ++

A little bit of history.

When i was 17, i did not care about the sunblock at all. I was SOOO tanned. I would have friends with me at Sentosa, lying on the beach, tanning from 11am to maybe 2pm. And i thought ‘ great. The sun is so hot and strong! I like it! The sunnier, the better, and the tanner i becomes!’. I even used the Banana Boat tanning spray, the one WITHOUT ANY SPF AT ALL (RED CAP). I used it all over my body, including my face. Man, what was i thinking then?!?! I could be at least 5 shades darker than i am now. hahahha I’m mac nc30 by the way.

Then after graduating from poly, i stopped tanning, mainly because the lazier side got the better of me. haha. Of course, i had to work right? So time was a bit tight for me at that time, and tanning just stopped naturally. Then i learn through websites, youtube videos about how damaging the uv rays can do to our skin, how it ages our skin etc. Now, i am suffering the consequences of tanning from last time. I have lot’s of moles now! Really felt like crying looking at my moles. Just my ear alone, i have about 3-4 of them, and i did not realize it till i saw it when i put my hair behind my ear while doing makeup one day. I have about 5 or 6 around my neck and upper chest. My face, about 10? I’ve removed some on my face during facials. But there are still some left!! 😦 Then when i entered uni, i purchased my first sunscreen when i was abt 21, which was Avene very high emulsion sunblock (SPF50). I used two bottles of it and stopped using it. It was a little too oily for me. But i really liked the protection it gives me!

Then i switched to Aqua Label, which is this!

I’m also into the 2nd bottle of it. Actually, the thing about japanese product which i dislike is their alcohol content. I think they have very high alcohol content which i really hate! It makes my face dry. But not for this baby here! haha

Let’s look at the texture.

Unlike Avene, which comes out like a cream, this has a very runny and liquid-y texture, which i really love! This means, faster drying time, faster absorption! When i was using avene, i had to wait up to about 10-15mins for it to be absorbed into my skin. -.- Imagine the time spent on makeup after that! But now, with this, i just slapped this on my face, wait for about 2 mins and tada! Well absorbed! It is also easier to spread across my face. With Avene, i had to pat and pat and pat to enhance the absorption rate. I’m so sorry that i keep comparing Avene with this, coz’ these two are the main sunblock which i used before.  🙂

This sunscreen creates a dewy effect as well, so for those dewy skin lovers like me, you would love this! It doesn’t leave a white cast which most sunscreen has.

How about for body? Well, i don’t use sunblock for body. Most of the sunblocks are very sticky. I don’t like the stickiness on my clothes at all. So i would avoid applying them unless i’m in really  hot countries, like Bankgkok/Phuket where the weather is crazily HOT and SUNNY. Although Singapore can be a really hot place, but it’s not as bad as Phuket i guess. hahaha Last August, i went to phuket with a group of friends for holiday. And the weather was so good, so hot. I brought Sunplay SPF 130.

I just wanted to let you girls know that this doesn’t work for me. I don’t know about the alcohol content in it. But i do know it made my friends and me thought that phuket is a very dusty place wherever we goes. It dries out our skin, or rather, our fingers. You know, that kind of feeling when u touch anything, it just feels rough and dirty. In fact, phuket is not dirty. Even after washing our hands with soap, we still feel the dryness. It was a relief for me when i finally decided to wash my hands with my makeup cleanser. Oh gosh, it’s terrible, really.Okay, some people refer this to ‘smooth’. But sorry, this doesn’t feel nice and smooth for me. It’s just…. not suitable for me. 😦 too bad. Just my 2 cents. :/

Alright, that sums up all i have for today. Hope you like it!