SIMPLE Cleansing wipes

So i went out in the morning for about an hour with make-up on. Decided to try out the Simple Cleansing wipes that i had bought earlier when the hospital just opened in July.

To my dismay, the cotton sheet was rough and dry when i opened the package to take out a sheet. I was sceptical to try it on my face as i’m pretty sure i won’t like the texture and feeling. But well, since i’ve bought and already opened it, might as well, right?

So i went on to remove my make-up with the remover sheet. All i felt was the rough texture, and so ouch! It’s dry and i had to use 2 sheets to remove the entire make-up. Oh, i only had concealor, light powder, blush, eyebrow and lip tints on. Not even a full face makeup. After removing, my face felt okay, slightly sore from the rough surface, and no weird smell or taste.

Overall verdict? I will not buy again. Although I’m not sure if the one i bought has dried up. Even if it does, its shelf-life is too short, ya? I’d rather buy from Biore the next time. At least it was soaking wet.

my 2 cents worth.


Bestie’s wedding, allergy?

YAY!! It’s finally national day in Singapore! And a day earlier, one of my gfs celebrated her wedding at Orchard hotel! We celebrated her hen’s party a week earlier and had so much fun!


Of course, we had the honour to be her bridesmaids and had fun sabo-ing the groomsmen! I love being bridesmaids. Although a lot of work have to be done in preparation for the wedding, running errands on the wedding day. Ensuring that bride remains pretty and glamorous is part of our roles! haha But well, i had fun doing all these~

Thank god that it was a lunch reception, otherwise i would have concussed already. Had only about 2 hours of sleep as i was out with the bf the night before.

I started having itches on my left stomach area last afternoon. I don’t know what’s causing it and i just kept scratching the same area. Neither did i take a look at my stomach to see what’s wrong. Until i got home and changed into my gym gear, preparing for workout. I then realised that i had those red tiny spots/bumps that appeared on my stomach (left)! It looks so scary and bumpy! So worried, but i continued to finish my workout and worried about it later. This morning woke up to even more bumps and decided to just see the doctor. Doc told me it could be shingles! Like… what?! But lucky thing is, it has no blisters, no pain. So can’t diagnose it as shingles. YAY! I was prescribed with cream and medication for it. Hope that it gets better! 🙂

Dreadful work day

How long have i been missing from this page?

Oh alright. It’s been quite some time i guess. Just some updates:

Work – still as dreadful. trying to get out of it.

Relationship – doing well! ❤

Pole dance – awesome as ever!

Let’s start with something happy! Pole class! I’ve finally progressed to pole level 4!! HURRAY! We did a choreography with the song “Angel” and it was an amazing experience! We’ve never danced before, let alone dancing to the tune of a song with choreography! The aftermath was of course, lots of bruises on our thigh, arms and sadly for me, i kinda pulled my back muscles. Now, i have difficulty sneezing, doing lifting etc. It sucks. Hoping that i would get better in time to come! But i’m so pleased we pulled through level 4! 😀 gleaming from ear to ear now. heh!

Moving on to R/S. Supposed to fly to Bali last weekend with the boy, but our plans were ruined due to the volcano eruption in Bali! Flights were cancelled, airports were closed. There’s no way we could fly over. Maybe it was fated, or a blessing in disguise. Otherwise, we would most likely be left stranded at the airport, along with many other tourists! We spent our anniversary at TODAI and ate our hearts out~ Sometimes i think I’m so easy to satisfy, just feed me with food and i’m alright already. haha so useless.

Work…. Well.. let’s hope that i find a better job, or as long as i could get out of this shitty place. I would be so damn happy. Really not easy with the upcoming changes. Sometimes, i really dread being a HR. We slogged day in and day out, only to slog even harder.

Ahh.. Not gonna rant anymore. Time for bed!


My humpies and I decided to explore vietnam during one of our meetups a few months ago. We were suggesting places to go for our next overseas trip. The last trip was i think…2 years ago to phuket and we enjoyed it so much!

So we threw in different ideas and countries, I suggested vietnam since i heard great things about that place from my sister, who went last year. We all agreed and poof, returned from vietnam from 6 to 11 Mar 15.

Well… we did not explore ho chi minh actually. In fact, we booked a tour recommended by my sis to Sapa, Halong Bay and Hanoi. We spent a day in each places except for Halong Bay, which was 1.5 days there. The scenery at Sapa and Halong Bay were breathtaking! Too bad i do not have the pictures with me now, i did not really take much pics while i was there. My samsung was failing on me, its battery can drop from 50% to 19% in just 1 min. Crazy, isn’t it?!

Alright, back to the trip. We had a tour guide that brought us up to the mountains of Sapa with trekking. There were also several ethnic minority group that follow each of us throughout the climb. I was surprised they could speak English fairly well! Towards the end of the trek, some of them had to leave and was selling us their handmade pouches/bracelet etc. Of course, they accompanied us and held our hands during those difficult climbs, we had to buy something from them to thank them too. But the price was exorbitantly high. How did i know? I asked one of the shop owner selling the same items at Hanoi. We bought those items at Sapa for 10x more than at Hanoi. hahaha well, it’s okay. It’s for a good cause, and maybe i shouldn’t have asked for the price at Hanoi to make myself feel better. lol!

Halong Bay. I love the moments that we spent over there! It was very chillax and we just eat and drink, and got on smaller boat to the mountains and caves to explore. There were a lot of Caucasian tourist that i felt those caves were very commercialized. Even on our cruise, four of us were the only asian (okay, except for two other ladies who came with ang moh). The caucasians were really friendly towards each other, to the point where we felt left out cos’ no one spoke to us at all. hahaha! Until the dinner, when the ang moh lady beside our table asked if we were full cos we ate so little! I guess we are used to eating lesser and have different appetite from them? haha but it was very funny. We exchanged conversation with them, before we decided to return to our room for some slp.

The last day saw us at Hanoi, we had so little time there. It was evening by the time we reached our hotel. But the hotel was so good, it was a family suite. There was bathtub, big beds and spaces! We quickly had our dinner at one of the recommended restaurant and made our way to the streets for some shopping and of cos, the much await Bahn Mi. It tastes sooooo delicious and i love the bread, it was so crispy! Yummmmms. I wish i could have more in a better environment, cos this bread thingy messes up my hands with the sauces and meat! 😦

Finally, we departed from Hanoi the next day and back to Singapore. I had pole dance on the very night and i’m soooo glad i took leave the following day. I could sleep in and nua my whole day away. hehehe!

Really wish i could put up some pics but ugh! I’ll probably upload when i get the pics. 🙂

Wow… lengthy post I’ve got here! Tsk tsk.

New hobby

Three weeks ago, I attended the free trial pole classes at acro polates. I’m so glad that I took up this class and I’m only into my second lesson now. It was really interesting seeing the instructor doing different tricks. It seems like I’ve got to work a lot harder in order to achieve their level, lol! I do not have any strength nor flexibility right now. And having some bruises on my thigh as well as my arms. Gosh. Got to train up on my flexibility asap!

I’ve also decided to keep this blog going to update on my pole-gress. Hehe

So I went for my second class yesterday and went for the illumi run at night. It was so much fun! First and probably will be my last illumi run haha. Experiencing a sore and blistered feet now as I wore a slipper for that 5km run. Why blister? Cos I wasn’t able to walk in the stupid thick and slimy liquid that was all over the floor. My slipper got stuck in the liquid and i had difficulties walking in it. Had to take off my slipper and walk with barefoot. After going through these short tunnels, I wore back my slipper and Tada, that’s how my blisters formed! Actually I didn’t feel the pain at that moment, it was only when I got home and bathed then I realized there are blisters.

But overall, it was a fun experience with my colleagues!!

Attended an friend’s wedding dinner last saturday at Park Royal hotel @ beach road. Lovely bride and groom, am always so happy whenever I attend a wedding dinner. it just feels so great when u are witnessing a friend’s special day.

Anyway, did my makeup before I headed to bf’s hse in the afternoon. So glad that my makeup stayed on without smudging until v late into the night.


well…just very simple natural eyeshadows and eyeliner. Wanted to try my new lipstick from Ladurée, but dropped the idea as I was afraid tt it won’t match my makeup tt day. haha shall explore the look next time!

Just last Friday, our clinic’s nurses treated us to dinner as a form of appreciation to all our hardworks. We were so touched about it and enjoyed it very much. They are probably the only few nurses that actually appreciates HR. With this, I’m ‘kinda’ certain that I wish to continue to pursue the HR career path.

Thankful for all that I have so far.

Korean BBQ

So, 2 weeks ago was our monthsary and we decided to pamper ourselves with Korean BBQ. Since we only know a few places that serves nice kbbq, we headed for the one at Chinatown point, Han Geun Doo Geun cos we’ve been there several times.



There is a variety of food around, so no worries on not having enough. I’ve been to the korean bbq at tanjong pagar and newton, and I’ve always left these places smelling so awful! However, for HGDG, I do not have such experience, maybe the smell wasnt as strong though. After dinner, bf bought Koi for me and I’m a happy girl! yay~

On Sunday, We went to sembawang park for this pets carnival organised by the cc nearby. saw so many cute dogs and big dogs as well. Of cos, I brought my sweetest girl there to mingle too. Upon reaching the place, she started barking like nobody’s business cos she saw dogs from afar. Felt so malu and embarrassed. hahaha but I still love her as much, just wish she can be happy and make some friends.


Hehe im super proud of her because she did not bark at all once we put her in the dog run area. she was still barking when she’s outside. haha after awhile of exploring the dogs and place, my dog got tired and started sitting at the benches like a princess. haha!! the only dog happily sitting at the bench. my cutey~~ other than this, there were some pets competition, free basic grooming, free pet health check, awesome goodie bag! and only paid $2 for it. yay!
overall, we had fun on tt day!

cant wait for my next visit to the dog park again!